Stop giving cash out to helpers with our Care Card.

Our Care Card is the safe way for you to give a helper money to spend on your behalf.

They can buy groceries, run errands or organise deliveries and you can keep track.

Touco Care Card

Flexible and simple.

You can set up a Care Card easily online or with our app, for a low monthly fee.

Once your Care Card arrives, your helper will be able to use it to buy things on your behalf like a regular debit card.

For helpers and families.

We are building the Care Card for those who are shielding or need a bit of extra support running errands.

This might be during a difficult time or on an ongoing basis, depending on their needs.

Real-time spending.

Your helper's spending can be shared in real-time with you, so you can see exactly where the money goes.

It keeps everyone honest, so you feel reassured. Your helper can even add receipts with the app.

Safety is our priority.

We keep you safe with unique restrictions that discourage misuse, like daily spending limits.

Unlike sharing a regular bank card or cash, all spending is accounted for so you can be kept safe from fraud.

Innovate UK

Supported by Innovate UK

We’ve built Touco from scratch, and we’re building it with and for you.

We’re a London based team working to help carers and families safeguard the people they love.

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As featured in

“Improving the financial capabilities of those in need and being able to get timely support when needed”


“Helps people with pre-existing impairments including mental illness and dementia”

The Independent

“A new app that gives parents, friends and carers oversight on loved ones’ finances without having to hand over direct control. It’s also free to use.”


“An app that lets users share their bank balance status with a trusted friend or carer”

Financial Times

“Touco: new app lets you pick a carer or buddy to help you tackle debt”

Evening Standard

Our Care Card is coming soon.

Join our waitlist to get updates and be one of the first to use it.