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We've written a 50 page report about our pilot, testing third party alerts with people living with mental health conditions.

We hate spam as much as you do.

“It feels like things are starting to feel more balanced.”

Working with The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, we ran a pilot to see if Touco could also help people with lived experience of mental health problems talk about money with a trusted friend.

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Money And Mental Health Policy Institute Northumbria University Newcastle

We care about carers

We're building Touco because we saw how hard it was to be responsible for caring for someone else's finances while helping them maintain their independence.

Power of Attorney isn't always the right answer, and even with it in place, there are no safe, flexible, convenient ways to keep an eye on a loved one's finances.

We're experts in building financial technology products, and now we've turned our attention to fixing these problems for carers and those they care for. Read more about us

“That was the really powerful thing about the Touco app, I think, prompting a very gentle conversation.”

“It helped me speak and share my worries about my finances with my family, which I wasn’t doing before.”

“I just found it really, really supportive. I felt like I wasn’t on my own, lost in my own little world.”

“I found that she opened up a lot more to me, rather than just saying the odd comment.”

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“Touco app is a simple yet effective way to give a trusted friend or relative access to the headlines of your personal finances”

FT Adviser

“An effort to improve the financial capabilities of those in need”

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“Selected for 'Open Banking for Good' challenge”

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“Solving real social problems”

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